Concrete King: Elliott Wins Big in Nashville

It sure looked like it was going to be Joe Gibbs’ day in Nashville. At one point, The Super Bowl Championship coach turned NASCAR Championship Car Owner had all four of his cars in the top five, separated only by Ryan Blaney’s Penske Ford. Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex, Jr. had traded the lead forContinue reading “Concrete King: Elliott Wins Big in Nashville”

The Perfect Nightcap: Hamlin Wins First 600

After last week’s abomination of an All Star Race, the bar had been lowered for 1.5 mile tracks and the Gen 7.  But you didn’t have to do them like that Charlotte.  After 600 miles of Remembrance, heartbreak, confusion, insane crashes and contenders wiping each other out, Denny Hamlin was the last man standing, edgingContinue reading “The Perfect Nightcap: Hamlin Wins First 600”

Opinion: Harrison Burton Isn’t “Ready” for Cup, and That’s Okay

When I woke up on the morning of July 15, I wasn’t exactly sure what NASCAR news to expect when I checked social media. But, ironically, the unexpected has become expected this year, especially as silly season has begun to heat up. Now, I don’t wake up that late. 7:30 in the summertime isn’t lateContinue reading “Opinion: Harrison Burton Isn’t “Ready” for Cup, and That’s Okay”