The Best That Never Were: Johanna Long

Thanks to a suggestion from one of my colleagues here at Pit Box Press, I’m going to be taking a monthly look at a driver who in my opinion should’ve been a superstar, but for one reason or another didn’t pan out. There’s many reasons this could happen, such as financial strife, ride quality, orContinue reading “The Best That Never Were: Johanna Long”

Bowman Wins Hard Charger During a Dusty Night at Limaland

The All Star Circuit of Champions sprint car series paid a visit to Limaland Motorsports Park for the eighth race of Ohio Sprint Speedweek last night, in an event marred by dusty track conditions and driver safety concerns. Taking advantage of the lone off-weekend in the Cup Series schedule, both Alex Bowman and Christopher BellContinue reading “Bowman Wins Hard Charger During a Dusty Night at Limaland”