Radio Sweetheart: Music in NASCAR

On raceday, the maestro gives a command, and an orchestra of engines roar to life, playing an all too familiar melody. As the drivers lap around the track, harmonizing as they beat and bang, one driver stands out, crossing the line with one outstanding victory solo. Hopefully you caught on to all the musical references. What many fail to realize is that NASCAR and the music industry have a long storied love affair with one another, one that runs so deep that its story deserves to be told. So without further ado, may I introduce the Radio Sweetheart series! 

     From musical sponsors, to drivers appearing in music videos, to drivers even making their own albums, NASCAR and music have shared a stage more times than you may recall. Over the course of the off-season, in the Radio Sweetheart series, I intend to examine the many different occasions when the world of NASCAR and music have crossed paths. So if you are both a lover of music and racing, this is certainly a series you don’t want to miss out on. 

     When a symphony of engines orchestrates a perfect song on raceday at the command of a maestro, the worlds of music and NASCAR combine. Those worlds, however, have crossed paths more times than one may recall. In Radio Sweetheart, the long history shared between those two worlds will be explored. You certainly don’t want to miss this new series. 

Featured image credits to Patrick Valley.

Published by Gianna "Gi" Lashley - Nicholas

Gianna "Gi" Lashley - Nicholas is a writer located out of New Jersey for Pit Box Press. She has been both an avid writer and NASCAR fan since her youth. Her favorite drivers are Ryan Blaney, Myatt Snider, and Christian Eckes. You can contact her on Twitter (@basicallygi) or Instagram (@basicallygi23).

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