Taylor’s dream NASCAR schedule

So many NASCAR fans have a dream schedule they want to see at least once in their lifetime and the list consists of tracks already on the schedule and sometimes even tracks NASCAR has never been to. I am no exception I have tracks that I want to stay on the schedule and tracks I would like to see off the schedule or at the least lose one of their dates.

In my dream NASCAR schedule, I would keep all of the crown jewel races because they have been a part of the sport for years and many fans look forward to them and the schedule wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t start with the Daytona 500 and hit Charlotte for the 600 or Darlington for the Southern 500 or even Indianapolis for the Brickyard. Those crown jewels are what give the schedule the excitement and the other races are just fill-in races.

I would love to see the championship race held at Homestead-Miami again because the schedule feels off with it currently ending in Phoenix. I’m an advocate for change in the sport, but certain things should be left alone and the location of the championship race was one of those. The racing at ISM raceway isn’t bad but I prefer Homestead as the final race.

There are also a few tracks that I would personally like to see at the least lose one of their dates and those are Daytona, Talladega, Texas, and Pocono. I understand that Pocono now has the double weekend but I feel like Pocono shouldn’t even really have the double weekend and it should be reduced to just one race for the whole season. I would like to see Daytona and Talladega lose one of their dates since the only thing most race fans seem to enjoy during those races is the dangerous wrecks. The drivers should not have to go to the superspeedway races more than once solely for the enjoyment of watching them wreck. 

As a person who is from Texas, I believe Texas should lose one of its dates mainly because in March/April is has been known to rain and mist for multiple days and you have a better chance of getting the weekend in if it has one date on the schedule and it’s in October/November. The weather trends have shown that it is better to keep the fall race date. 

I would love to see COTA back on the schedule for next season because it can hold great racing if NASCAR is prepared instead of coming in unprepared for all of the rain. 

Another track I would love to stay on the schedule is Road America I think with the next-gen cars it could hold some great racing plus since Chicagoland got axed it provides another race track for those fans to possibly travel to instead of having to travel really far. I would also love to see a track like Montreal on the schedule for the Canadian NASCAR fans instead of them having to travel across to America just for a race to possibly get rained out. I also believe that every race fan no matter where you live should have a chance to see their favorite driver race in person. 

One final change I would make to the schedule would be to make the All-star race have a rotating schedule instead of it constantly being at the same track so that fans in different states that have a track close to them or are willing to travel will have the chance to experience the excitement of the All-star race. I loved the All-race at Charlotte but it got repetitive every year so I was excited when they allowed Bristol to hold the race for a year and then the following year they moved it to Texas and even though fans were less than excited I was excited that some of my friends here were able to go to the All-star race in person. 

Everything that was said here is just one point of view of how I would love to see the NASCAR schedule and of course it’s going to vary from person to person. It would be cool to maybe see some of it come to fruition in my lifetime.

Photo credits: Daytonabeach.com

Published by Taylor Mash

Taylor/Tay is an Education major in her third year and has been a NASCAR fan since 2009. Her favorite drivers are Joey Logano, Austin Cindric, and Ryan Blaney. When she isn't watching racing, she loves to watch other sports like baseball and football. She loves to watch the Sooners, Chiefs, Royals, and Seahawks games.

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